söndag, juni 24, 2007

GrimeStep International Press release

Mycket stolt pressenterar jag här det första press medelandet från mitt lilla skivbolag:


For Immediate Release.
GrimeStep International a pan-Euopean project.

GrimeStep is coming out with our first release ever. The project that started out as a DVD and then a book, is now... before the book, before the DVD... one of the most exiting compliation CD's of the summer! The primary focus of this compilation is European grime and dubstep produced outside of London, where 90% of the music from this genre is produced and published. London has, thus far, been the exclusive hub of grime and dubstep and the goal of GrimeStep International is to change that.

Since October 2006, we have been completely flooded with grime and dubstep tracks from all over Europe holding a surprisingly high quality. We announced a competition for promising artists looking for a platform to reach out to new audiences and started a myspace page for submissions. In the following three months we had an overwhelming response; every thing from prefectly produced dubstep from Barcelona to bedroom recorded grime from Romania and Poland.

GrimeStep International is a platform and network for postmodern dance music but right now, first and formost a compliation CD.
GrimeStep International represents a pioneer front for the spread of grime and dubstep around the world, using every kind of guerilla tactic and propaganda to further the scene. It is conceived as an INTERNATIONAL BRIGADE of free agents and crews, made up of producers, consultants, djs, mcs, promoters, journalists, editors, designers, film makers and other artists of all shapes and sizes.

GrimeStep is bringing out some previously unreleased artists and some well established to prove that the compliation has a wide geographical span and just as wide an audience.

This promotion mix is the first of three mixes. All mixed by bass mentor DJ Absurd (Resofantom) from Paris.

The CD itself includes everything from German and Polish grime to Danish and French Dubstep with a vide range of different flavours of the bass culture we all know we love.

DOWNLOAD the first GrimeStep International Promotion mix HERE or copy n paste the following url in your webbrowser: http://www.mediafire.com/?20mzrdx4at3