tisdag, juli 24, 2007

Ma old employer is rude

This post is in english, due to the the anticipated audience, most likely i spell even worse when i write in english than when i write in swedish but hey... life is a bitch.

(Detta inlägget är på engelska efter som det angår ett antal endast engeskspråkiga vänner till mej)

I recently contacted Stream ( my former employer) to figure out why i have not recived money for the 5 days that i was sick during my foreced vacation that followed after i lost my employment at Stream.

The first contact i had was with The Team leader Frank P. All well there, they where gonna look in to it and let me know via E-mail the following monday. From monday till now i have had this rather interessting and funny e-mail conversation with my former boss:


Hello Leo,

unfortunately I can`t see any open vacation.

For 2007 you had 10 days of vacation.
You took all of it.

I can´t see that there is any open vacation.


Kind regards,

My reply:

Hi Oliver.

Yes i did, as you told me to. But unfortunatly i got sick my first 5 days of vacation.
As you know i cant be sick and on vacation at the same time, that means that Stream still owe me 5 days of vacation salary.
If you remember when we had out little conversation, i told you that id rather work the two weeks that where left of my contract, but you said that i had enough vacation time to take out to cover those to weeks exept for one day. Acctually i asked if i could work but you said that i had to take out the vacation.

Any how, i dont want to take up to much of your time, just want to know when i can be expectig that transfere. Shouldnt i be talking to Undine about this really?

thanks a milion anyway! and hope you have a nice afternoon.


Still the 23/7:


you were sick form May 14th to 18th.

You took your vacation for 2007:
March 15th, 16th
April 5th, 13th, 30th
May 21st to 25th.

So your sickness is already excluded from our calculation.

That means that Stream does not owe you salary for open vacation days and so there will be no transfere, sorry.


Kind regards,

My reply:

Oh, ok.

I see, my only question then is why you told me that i had to take out all my 9 vacation days that i had left?
Remember that you told me that monday the 14th would be my last day and that the rest of the days i had vacation?

That is the thing that is creating the confusion for me you see.

Looking forward for an answer, and have a nice day!

24/7 this is where it gets really interesting:

Hello Leo,

maybe I simply was wrong and had the wrong number in my mind. Or your vacation was not in the list I was looking at...

Fact is that in the discussion we had I told you that it is not possible to pay out your vacation days as there was not need for you to work the last couple of days.
Why should Stream pay you out for those days when there is no need for you to work?

Kind regards,

My reply:

Hi Ollie

Well, that might be so, that you looked at the wrong paper, as far as I can remember you brought out the paper and showed me those 9 days of vacation that I still had at that point. And yes I did asked you if I could work the full two weeks and then take the vacationdays as part of the bonus, obviously I could not do that, but the question you are asking me is it acctually, why Stream should pay me even if there is nothing to do?! Well, (and i do think you know the answer to this question) naturally because I had a contract with Stream.

Well, maybe i should have a lawyer have a look at this, and hopefully every thing is in order, cause i dont feel right about this matter. I still do suspect that Stream do owe me some. And it is well known through out the company that Stream for a fact do trick ex employe's for their money. This is one of the reasons that I do not quite trust you, it is offcourse nothing personal. Stricktly business. But you must admit that ther is an odd corporate culture over there.

Have a great day!


Olivers reply:

You are right. You had a contract with Stream and the contract ended end of May.
So we had to take care that by that day of the cancelation that there is no vacation left.
That´s what we did.
There is no vacation day left and so we owe you nothing.

Yes, I think you will have to sue if you don´t agree.

Have fun.


Kind regards,

Oliver Thater
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e: Oliver_Thater@stream.com

Well i guess this is just a lil teaser to what you can expect from a company like that. Any questions i kindly refer you to Oliver, who's e-mail you find just above. Also feel free to visit their website at: http://www.stream.com/